Think. Act. Create. Reflect.
THIS has been always fascinating, how ideas travel from the conceptual phase till making it to the action-able space of possibilities and eventually, screened-out in the persistent refinements stage. Only few ideas make themselves happen. It is a vicious progressive cycle of ins-and-outs till these become a self-fluffing prophecy.
ThnKreatve is more of a process, a strategy of thinking-doing and a mindset that should provide everyone with the right concepts and high endurance at works, in chasing dreams and confronting any challenges. Having the right formula within, where you can think effectively, create the necessary steps of creativity and seek to be a distinguishable. Nothing can be perfect from the first attempt, so keep redoing all that and keep reflecting on what you did right and what you did not so right.
ThnKreatve will try to take you to that journey and highlights the tools needed. It is a paradigm shift in how the seeding of our thoughts are implanted, that should result-in transformational changes within us and ultimately, impact other souls and much more...  
This is not to "Perfection". Rather, mastering "Imperfectionism" in a way that you have a bullet-proof imperfect stratgey that lays down a path of least odds.
In love with knowledge and thinking creatively. A free thinker and a continuous wonderer…
Labelled as “Y” generation with an IT background, I have +15 years of experience in the financial industry where I initially joined a “Brighter” banking experience. I moved up and refined my focus to join a FinTech startup where I have been actively involved as an agent for operational excellence and process improvements.
I witnessed the technology marriage with the financial services. Hence, I am a Blockchain enthusiast & evangelist by nature. I do believe we are in a brisk of a huge technological advancement. I want to continue to take an active part on that. Managing couple of community meetups for the same purposes.  I do enjoy entrepreneurs and the positive vibes that they bring with them. That's why I keep working in start-up modes, most of my time.

I am not perfect. I am perfecting my imperfectionism.
And my name is Hussain.